Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Home Sick, Binding

Yesterday I stayed home from work with a cold. The only energy I could muster was to bind and bind...

Here is one of the scarves I'd been imagining forever. I bought this charcoal & creme piece of wool when Poppy was preparing to move (it was dangerously close to my work anyhow). The fabric was too expensive to do anything more than this scarf with, so here's my micro-vision. And then I found the binding fabric at Peapod. It's cotton from Japan, but looks/feels like silk. Dee-lish.

Then, (I know you're totally sick of looking at this fabric, and this quilt - but this is a different one, I swear! And the last one too!...wait, scratch that.) I used the leftover polka-dot fabric I am backing the big quilt with. I think I like this better than my historically go-to "seed" binding (for this one anyhow).

I tried my hand at machine-quilting with the walking foot. Next up, free-motion quilting.

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