Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy (Belated) Easter

Last weekend, D and I went to San Luis Obispo for Easter. It was so great to see the children & my family. The weather was incredible & the good food just kept on coming.

Saturday night, my dad made a *delicious* seafood paella. He actually caught the fish himself in Mexico. He's such a Renaissance man. (here I am trying to take credit for the paella)

And this was our Easter spread, featuring the "Steve Bunnies" I made for the children as tablescape. How appropriate.

Check out these adorable little placecards.

And who is responsible for all that adorable-ness?? She's only my niece, but she makes me so proud! *sniff*

And what Easter brunch would be complete without a Madonna Inn black forest cake?? Hello!

And if prying myself from my family wasn't hard enough, this was the scenery on our way out of town. The orange you see is a huge patch of California Golden Poppies.

Can you even believe it?


RJC said...

Hey, the paella looked better than it tasted (especially with that model displaying it like Martha would) but not by much! I have to have my lovely children do a bake sale so that I can afford another trip to Baja for additional vittles. Next time will be La Paz instead of Loreto. Mom does not like the accommodations there (which are Spartan at best!).

Cheers, Dad

ArdensMommy said...

Hey Sara!

Long time, no chat...say....13 years? :-) Had to post when I saw the Madonna Inn cake, twas my mom's SLO favorite, haven't thought about that in years. We've all left SLO so it's just wonderful memory to see this photo!

Erin Henry