Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Speaking of SPAM

(which I learned is short for "spiced ham", by the way)

We happened to be in town for the annual Waikiki SPAM Jam - Yes, this is a real fesival...see?

(thank you, D, for always indulging me)

From a reliable source (friend of D's who used to work there) SPAM is actually "composed" of rather high quality "parts" and is said to be preferable to a hot dog. So, we went for it. It would have been rude of us NOT to participate in all things SPAM, right?

D had a SPAM burger and SPAM fries:

And I had one of those slabs of SPAM on a mound of rice wrapped with nori...can't remember what it was called (update: it's called a musubi - thank you, Tracy RN, MSN, PHN). And something weird happened, as I was about to take a bite, some girl walked by, smiled, and asked if it was the first time I had tried one of those. I wonder if there is SPAM/rice mound etiquette that I was breaching? Or perhaps I just had an apprehensive look on my face. Hmmm.... Or maybe I'm just Miss paranoia. Whatever.

There was even Spamghetti - I would totally eat that.

And there you have it - a SPAM fest. Pretty cool.

Sidenote: Darren Benitez, a Hawaiian singer was performing at the SPAM Jam, and he was pretty freakin' talented and fabulous. And you can download him on iTunes - I'll see you there!

**I failed to mention that the SPAM was actually quite tasty. I'm probably not likely to buy or prepare spiced ham ever (deviled ham is another story), but I am not above partaking in a dedicated SPAM festival now and again.

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kristy said...

But you left out the most important part! How was it????