Friday, May 09, 2008

Hawaiian Quilting Class

Surprisingly (not), while on vacation, I took a Hawaiian Quilting class to learn how they make those incredible quilts. I bought a pattern book about 5 years ago, but do you think I've opened it? Well, maybe I will now that I sort of know what I'm doing.

The class was run by a couple of native Hawaiian women, daughters of this man who used to design the patterns for many Hawaiian quilt makers. He was there still designing patterns for those who wanted them. Here's a photo of him sketching one out:

And the final product:

75% of the women (and one man!) quilting were regulars working on huge bed spreads. This quilter was kind enough to pose for me:

This one shows a better contrast (yes, it's sideways):

I was at a small table with out-of-town beginners. Here's the "breadfruit" pillow cover I was working on. I wanted to show you the stages - pinning, basting, and then pin-turning.

Maybe someday, if I ever finish it, I'll show you the finished product. If you're in Honolulu on a Saturday, I recommend checking this class out. And what's extra-great about the class is that it's held at Iolani Palace, so you can cram a little tourism in there as well....and the little bagel rolls pre-filled with cream cheese.

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