Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Boston Baby

We just got back from a wee trip to Boston. I think we're done traveling for a little while - I feel so spoiled.

Anyhow, we stayed outside Boston in a little town called Norwood (Nah-wood). And thank goodness D had his thinkin' cap on - he remembered that Ming Tsai's Blue Ginger restaurant was nearby in Wellesley. We made the rainy trek into this adorable, charming little town (lots of women's clothing stores - go figure). As we're approaching the restaurant, I asked D, "Do you think Ming actually ever cooks at the restaurant?" And before he could reply, guess who is standing at the reception desk? Hello!! (I verified the name on the jacket just to be sure)

He buzzed around the restaurant (totally not in a schmoozy sort of way) the whole night - and don't think I didn't stare a little. We had a delicious dinner (and a kick-butt cocktail - passionfruit & pear - ooh, yeah!). On our way out, we passed Ming and thanked him for the dinner. He asked if everything was good, and yes, of course I said it was. *sigh* SO AWESOME!

Sorry I have no photo...we were too chicken. But I know he would have been gracious had we asked. Next time...

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kjh said...

OMG! when were you in Boston, I was just there for my friends wedding the last weekend in April!