Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shirt Factory

This blog is one of my all-time favorite sources of inspiration. Every quilt is perfect, her photos amazing, her ideas genius. And so prolific...sheesh.

And again, I was so inspired by a shirt she made (seen here), I had to make it right away! I even uesd the same fabric (embarrassing!), I thought it was so fabulous. I don't make myself clothes very often as they look so, well, homemade. Which I guess is sort of coming back in, but still...

And I love it!! I used my little owl stamp to make a "tag"...which is nothing more than tweed ribbon stamped with an owl, duh. Clothes look so much less handmade with a tag, don't they?

I made a practice shirt first, the first version of which was WAY too small (is that why they put measurements on the back of the pattern? To actually measure yourself by?) And so it's been gifted to a petite friend of mine :)

I've actually worn both shirts on more than one occasion, so I suppose that's a good sign. I got the purple fabric at Peapod (both times). The blue fabric at SuperBuzzy. Pattern is simplicity 3835 (measure yourself before buying fabric and cutting up your pattern).

1 comment:

Kate said...

They are both gorgeous and very well made. I closely inspected your work and made note of the cute owl tag. So sad I couldn't squeeze my voluptuous sexy body into the purple one :-)