Saturday, July 17, 2010

Going Places

I went on a bike ride today to one of my favorite San Francisco destinations, the Warming Hut, appropriately named. It's a cozy little coffee shop/gift shop right next to the Golden Gate Bridge. Today it was icy cold and foggy, but I found refuge (and a little inspiration) in the Warming Hut.

I bought my friend a passport cover made with a recycled map of her SF neighborhood (can't seem to find it online, nor can I find the maker). And I got inspired to make one for Darren and myself.

I used iron-on vinyl because there was no matte contact paper within walking distance...and when you have a bee in your bonnet, you just go with what you've got. It seemed to work out just fine. I used some clear (non-adhesive) vinyl for the tiny interior side pockets (to keep your passport from flying out - pun totally intended). And I sandwiched magazine response cards between the laminated maps to stabilize the whole thing and give it a center crease.

Darren got one with NYC and I made one for myself with San Luis Obispo. I have maps lying around because I like to wrap presents with them, but you could probably use any paper subject you like. Maybe I'll try fabric next!

Not sure when we'll need our passports next, but when we do, we'll look pretty rad.


Jenn Siva said...

That is so freaking awesome. I have to find that pattern and make one for myself and my ever traveling sister

Auntie Fafa said...

There's no pattern - it's basically 2 rectangles (8ish" x 5.75") of laminated (either by iron-on vinyl or contact paper) sandwiching some cardstock with two narrow (~2") flaps on the inside. I used clear vinyl, but you could probably just use more laminated paper. Sew around, trim a bit, fold in half, and voila!! It will take you all of 10 minutes to make.