Monday, July 12, 2010

Burp Cloth Factory

Remember the 12 girls at work who are pregnant/have had babies in June, July, and August? Well, the burp cloth factory is officially open.

I tried my very hardest to use fabrics I already had in my stash - and I think I did pretty well (yay for using up stash, and there was actually some pretty great stuff in there - glad I looked!). However, I couldn't resist the Jay McCarroll tomato print for the I'm-not-sure-what-we're-having crowd. I think it's pretty gender neutral. Also, I might have accidentally purchased too much of the blue dots (woops!), so I had to use that too. Most of the girls are having baby boys, so that works out.

I'm going camping for a few days, so the factory will have to close for now. Don't worry, camping = time to think up new projects. Mwahahah.

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My Love said...

I can't believe how many are having boys this year!! Myself, my cousin and 4 other friends alll had/or having boys! Only one girl that I know of!!