Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good intentions, Fulfilled

Almost a year ago, I wrote this super-lame post. I remember having a bee in my bonnet (surprise!) that day and, well, the motivation was short-lived.

Now that I have no wedding to plan, I keep getting canceled from work, and all my baby gifts are made, I had no choice but to take care of unfinished business. My original intention was to make a lap quilt or even twin-size, but I settled for a baby quilt. But I truly love it!! Simple and modern with a traditional pattern, and I tried to go unisex...not sure about that one.

all washed and crinkly:

the back:

Today, you get real photos! Yay! But that's only because I had semi-decent light. It's 50" x 40", backed with an Anna Maria Horner print.

If you were a baby boy, could you rock this quilt? Or do the flowers push it over the edge? Maybe it's better for a girl who just isn't the tutu type.

I think a high kick is in order. *high kick*

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