Sunday, August 17, 2008

Productive Half-Day

What did I do while not attending the party? There was a little stash-blasting going on.

First, I made a "much needed" tote bag (can you imagine?) for myself, for once. I bought this fabric 100 years ago for next to nothing - I think it's the same fabric that Lucky Jeans makes their pockets out of. I had no intentions of making one of these today... it just happened.

"S" for Auntie Fafa

I also made some door snakes (which I had planned on making, I just found the clover fabric first). D thought they should have googly eyes and a tongue... and so I changed the name to draft-dodger. This house used to have carpet, so all the doors had to be cut to fit. Now with the carpets removed, we have big-ol' spaces under the doors.

I used the Lotta Jansdotter Simple Sewing pattern, but let me make a couple recommendations... If you have the same used-to-be-carpet-under-the-door problem, you need to make the snakes "taller" than the 4 inches recommended in the pattern. I made mine 5 inches (x 36 inches), and they still are too short (as in, they fit inside the crack, but still allow a little bit of draft along the top). Also, you don't need a 5 lb bag of beans for one snake. I used 4.25 lbs of beans in 3 snakes! Maybe rice is different...

And then, well, I had all these left over beans, so there's a nice little pot of chorizo pinto beans a-simmerin'. Dinner...

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