Monday, August 11, 2008

A Bon Voyage Was Had

Guess where we went?

No, this does not explain my 1 month lapse in blogging, but let it mark my return...hopefully. D and I just got back from Seattle for a little impromptu vacation. We had a lovely time with perfect (borderline too hot, if you can believe that!) weather. I think might have liked it a little.

We mostly just walked around and visited obligatory tourist destinations. Oh, and I happened upon a (kick ass) quilt show - totally unplanned, I swear! We LOVE the space needle and took about 5,000,000,000 photos of it (I only posted're welcome). My favorite was our little morning trip to Bainbridge Island. You could make me live there, and I would be OK with it.

From the sculpture garden:

By night:

Sidenote - we agreed to carry on our luggage. It should be noted one of us was a lighter packer than the other. Can you guess which suitcase is whose?

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Anonymous said...

I like the photo from the sculpture garden. Nice framing

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