Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Family Napkins

My sister commissioned (I'm going to use this word as much as possible) me to make her family some reusable cloth napkins, 'cause we're green and stuff. I thought about just buying her some napkins, but that's no fun - and I think she wanted them personalized anyhow (who wants to risk mixing up your napkin with the 3 year-old's?).

I came up with a compromise:
Purchased napkins with home-sewn detailing (and stash-busting!)

(*sneeze* that's stayed-home-sick-from-work me in the spoon reflection - hi! *cough*)

I bought the napkins at Crate & Barrel Outlet for $.97, and the fabric...well, you've seen this before (lots of times). I think they will go nicely with her Tuscan-style home.



Stephanie Webb said...

I love these!!!

Stephanie Webb said...

I love these!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? You need to open a store. :)

- Lisa