Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Karen

Sidebar: Some of you are worrying about me because my blogging has been sparse. I promise, I'm OK...just a little unproductive these days and nothing much to show, but getting back in the groove. Sorry to worry you - I have some things in store for you this week.

So this past week was my good friend Karen's birthday. She also just bought a house with her husband (YAY!!). They had a housewarming/birthday party today, but I am home blogging instead of attending the festivities because I thought it was yesterday. D & I enthusiastically showed up with my little tiny gift on the wrong day. Uh, woops! They are such gracious hostesses, and so we got to have a nice chat and personal tour of the new digs - lucky us!

So, back to the little tiny gift... instructions on the invite said, "Absolutely no gifts whatsoever." So, I brought a "present" instead. Besides, I had bought this cutest little fabric FOR her when I was in Bainbridge Island. I simply couldn't NOT give it to her.

Karen can wear this while riding her little black moped....or not. I hope you had a lovely birthday and a fabulous party. Thanks for having us, and congratulations again. We are in love with your new place.

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Anonymous said...

The shirt is really cute! Pretty much everyone disregarded the "no gifts" note;) I was looking forward to talking to you today. Bummer. I gave Karen a copy of this month's "Redbook" which had a nice article on bloggers. If you see her soon, you can mooch it off her.

Fourth B