Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A Game-Changer

My life is forever changed! (That was slightly dramatic, wasn't it?)  I just used this stuff for the first time, and I just basted 4 quilts in one evening!!  Granted, they were baby quilts, but whatever.   I can't believe how much time I wasted pinning!

Um, don't spray it while your quilt is directly on your carpet... I mean, not that I know (D, this has all been taken care of) and not that I would do it indoors because it's not very-well ventilated indoors, as everyone already knows.  Spray it over some extra batting that you'll end up spraying anyway down the road....outside or in the garage (should you have one).
In other exciting news:  Tomorrow I have a long-overdue sewing playdate with PeepThread's Katy! She'll be getting ready for the Etsy Craft Party she's hosting with The Cheddar Guppies.  Sounds too fun!!  I will probably just look around her place to see what ideas I can rip off...


Kate said...

I had so much fun with you today! Thanks for driving all the way to my hood for our sewing playdate. And for schooling me on some hand sewing technique :-) XOXO

Ashli said...

Recently introduced to this stuff in my "quilt finishing class". Never did the pinning thing, hooray for areosole! (did i spell that right?)