Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Caution: Cuteness Overload

Oh my goodness, I am so mad!! 

Why? I am so mad that I can't take credit for the following adorablosity!  (but I will take credit for that new word, thank you)  Mud & Twig on Etsy is the genius behind this genius.

Check. These. Out.

Hand-sewn labels for your home-canned goodies!


Honey?! Get me a hive, STAT!

Pickles!? Too much cute!  Look at those things!

And this, right here, would be the reason I would spend all day in a steamy kitchen canning tomatoes.  Just so I could put this label atop.  But then I would be so in love that I simply couldn't part with or open them.  It might be a problem.

You probably won't believe this, but there are even more labels in her Etsy shop, like marshmallows, lemons, pears... I know, it's ridiculous. 

I think you need to buy these.  I think I need to buy them too.  Also, I need a drink, because that was way too cute for me.

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