Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Passport Cover Revamp

I'm totally in travel mode right now. And my passport cover needed a revamp. But I was totally out of good/interesting maps to make a cover with, hmmmm.

But I thought of something - what about making the outer cover with fabric & iron-on vinyl? And the inside with paper & contact paper? And so my new passport cover was born!

Polka-dots, of course.

I actually made two. One with a generic inside, maybe to sell/give away?:

And one with a custom inside - for me! Cuba (shout out to my roots) and Haiti (shout-out to my next destination). Luckily they're right next to each other!:

The inside flaps are a bit different than the last ones. Per D's request, I have a different kind of flap on the right side so you can fit tickets or other travel documents that may need to stick out the top. Also, the whole thing is a little bit smaller than the last one so your passport isn't flapping around inside (possible exaggeration).

You can also tuck your open passport into both pockets to display your ID open.

And that's my project for the day. Feeling satisfied. Maybe one day I'll make a tutorial for this. But for now, I need a nap.

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Kate said...

I am SO going to copy you.