Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DIY Tinted Moisturizer

I've been looking for a tinted moisturizer to bring with me to Haiti. It's going to be HOT and the sun intense, and there will be no time/need/space for makeup with the long hours I'm expecting to work (and only one carry-on bag!). More importantly, this ain't no fashion show... but, well, maybe I'm a little vain.

On the hunt for this stuff, it's hard to A) find a good color match, B) find enough SPF coverage, and C) I haven't found any under $20. I only need it for a week, and I'm trying to simplify, so I don't need any more products hanging around. So, I made due with what I had, and it actually worked out swimmingly!

Take these two products & mix them together in a little makeup pot:

And what do you get? The perfect match, perfect protection, perfect amount, use-what-you-got tinted moisturizer.

I already know I like the moisturizer and the makeup - I use them every day, so why wouldn't I like this?

It looks a little "white", but trust me, when you rub it into your face (or on your fingers or hand for testing), the color really comes through. Keep testing as you go if you decide to DIY too.

I feel a little bit fancy and a little more prepared. Wee!!


Kate said...

You take creativity to a whole new level. You had me at DIY... You had me at DIY...

Abby said...

Ha! I just recently did the same thing. Success! Big hugs to you and D. Hope you're doing well. xo