Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Un-Candy

Who says an Easter basket has to be filled with candy? Growing up, my favorite non-candy treats OUR Easter Bunny put in our baskets was Aveda Shampure. Such a luxury back then! I think I once found an artichoke in my Easter basket, which I also thought was the greatest.

[Ok, but Cadbury Mini-Eggs and peanut M&Ms are also compulsory...]

Anyhow... say you want to give an Easter gift to a little friend who doesn't eat much candy? How about these Springy reminiscent-of-Easter-eggs bean bags? Great for juggling (or pelting). Also, they can be heated for a few seconds in the microwave and serve a little hand-warmers! So cute & so easy!

I made these using 5x5 squares and filled them with flax seeds. I tried making them egg-shaped, but it didn't work so well. If you want to be really awesome, you could make 12 of them and present them in an egg carton.

I'm pleased as punch. I feel like juggling.

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