Thursday, August 04, 2011

Brooklyn Baby

The recipient of this quilt is getting a baby brother!  I simply cannot wait to meet him!!

So this quilt shall be called Brooklyn Baby (since they've recently moved from NYC). 

Orange binding and the 2D Zoo I'm in so love with as backing.

Aunt Sara and Uncle D love you already!  We can't wait to meet you in September!

p.s. I've been informed that the quilt has already been hijacked by big brother, Charlie, upon which to host stuffed animal tea parties.  This makes me immensely happy.


Kate said...

Hey I saw this quilt in progress at my house! I feel like I know a celebrity now :)

Ashli said...

Me likey!

Lauren LaValle said...

just seeing this now. we love our fafa baby quilts. ready to start selling your wares in brooklyn when you are :)