Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pinned and Ready, the Accidental Quilt

It's not typically my style to go so bold and pattern-y, but I just loved the way all these fabrics (from Wonderland by Momo, which is totally "2000 & late" by now but whatever) coordinated. The quilt will be 75"x62" and was made with 7 charm packs, totally the way to go if you're A) new to quilting, B) a little bit lazy, or C) love a particular line of fabrics and thing the patterns are interesting enough that they don't have to be cut/rearranged into quilting blocks (I'm B) . It will most likely be added to my growing stockpile of quilts.

(if you're wondering why all my photos are in this Polaroid-esque style, it's because the lighting in our house is no bueno. And the Polaroid effect makes me a hipster and also masks my little lighting problem...See that little tiny bit of light in the upper left corner? That's about all the direct light we get in a day - and that will be gone by the time I finish this post - so there you have it.)

I bought these fabrics earlier in the year and since then, they've mostly just been sitting on my sewing table. The other day, I thought to myself, "I should really start working on this and get it off my table... OK, I'll put together just 10 squares, and then I'll go do something else." Well, 10 became 20 became the whole stack.

And then I laid them out to see what they'd look like all together. And since the pieces took up the whole living room floor, I thought to myself, "I should just put together 2 rows to see how the process will go and get some of this off the floor." And so 2 became 4 became all the rows!

About 7 hours later, the whole top was put together and pressed. And that's how it accidentally came together. I'm backing it with my very favorite linen/cotton from Peapod, that just arrived in the most perfect shade of green!

Pondering how this should be quilted... I'll post the finished product as soon I get there.

Happy Veteran's Day!

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