Tuesday, September 23, 2008

(Really) Wide-Leg Pants

I finally made the wide leg lounge pants from Amy Butler's book. I had been anxiously awaiting this awesome fabric (from the time it arrived, I think it was only about an hour before it was washed, dried, pressed, and on the cutting mat...bee-in-bonnet type thing) to make them with.

(this was the best shot I could get...)

Pattern reading is not my forte, so I decided I would carefully read every word of this pattern.... except the part about sizing that comes before all other instructions. Sweet. Yes, they're a size too big (better than too small!) so I'll be fixing that. Also, they are REALLY wide. I'm talking skirt-like. So, I may be bringing in the leg width as well. But pleased as punch about my button holes! (suppose I shouldn't be that pleased, considering I have a button hole-making foot and a machine that does all the work....)

Next project, make my own pattern from my Urbane Scrubs - those seem to fit pretty perfectly with a decent flare. Thanks for the hint, Laurel, about stuffing one leg into the other.

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