Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The (Copied) Pattern Worked!

As I was making these, I couldn't decide if I would be entitling this post:
"I Don't Know Why I Thought This Would Work"
"I Don't Know Why I Thought This Wouldn't Work"

Well, it worked - phew!

(how do you take a photo of your own pants?)

I took a pair of my scrub pants and shoved one leg into the other. I pinned them down to get the front pieces, and flipped them over, adjusted them, and cut out the back pieces.

I overlocked all the edges, which excites me very much. See my superfast needle? (am I so daring taking an action shot while sewing?)

And voila! Lounging in my lounge pants. They look a little like chef pants, but at least I can go outside in them to move the car or something without embarrassment.

May I make a drawstring recommendation? Take the drawstring that comes through the tunnel from the right and thread it through the left hole. And take the left drawstring and thread it through the right hole. So they will sort of criss-cross inside the tunnel. That's how scrub pants are threaded and it's A) easier to tie, and B) easier on your button holes.

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