Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gift Fit for a Twitty

Last night I hosted our 6th Annual Twitty Christmas Extravaganza (yes, we have it in January... you try coordinating 10 girls and their SOs in December). It was a multicultural potluck - we had Egyptian, German, New Zealand, Italian, Vietnamese, Cuban, Jewish, "Chinese," and Swiss representation. Two words - Dee-licious.

Our personal paparazzo Katy took most of the photos, so I'll borrow one of hers for the next post. But what I DO have a photo of is the gift I made for the gift exchange.

It's a clutch, coffee sleeve, and tissue cozy! I made it with some new fabric I picked up at Peapod, my favorite little fabric store. The owner just got back from Japan, and I am sure glad she did, because she brought back this AWESOME kimono-inspired fabric. You will see this fabric again, I assure you. Coco is now the owner of this trio.

The Bend the Rules clutch:

Coffee sleeve:

Tissue cozy:

Might I add how proud I am of all the homemade gifts this year?? It brought a little tear to my eye. I SUPER lucked out and got an apron embroidered with a pregnant goldfish - Twitty lore has it that a "twitty" is a pregnant goldfish. Although we are not named after a pregnant goldfish but a rather giddy gaggle of ladies, it's symbolic and I love it!!! It's in the "shop" getting my name embroidered on it. Photos forthcoming (I realize I say that a lot and don't always come forth with the photos... I will try)

Thank you ladies and gentleman for such a great time!

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