Friday, May 04, 2007


Yes, I know Lent is over - and I had hoped to post this long ago, but I'm just finishing my promise...sort of. I already talked to God, and he's cool with it.

So, for this year's Lent, instead of giving up meat and ending up anemic by Easter, or giving up chocolate and either failing or ending up super cranky by Easter (both which have happened), I decided this year to do something, instead of undoing.

Sister Bernice is our only chaplain at the hospital. I don't know what we'd do without her. Sister Bernice provides comfort and peace to our families during life's most difficult moments. She's the one who thinks to put real blankets on our babies so they look more like babies, and less like hospital patients. She once told me that there are quilting groups who make blankets especially for the children at our hospital, but she neede more boy blankets. So, I decided to make her 2 boy blankets to give to our children.

The second quilt I set out to make is not officially done, but I'm going to give her another blanket I made a few years ago (but cannot seem to locate a photo of). Once the next one's done, you can be sure I'll post it.

I think Sister Bernice will be pleased.

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