Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm Baaaack....

Ok, I got back on Saturday, but had no photos with which to blog. But here you are!

I had a GREAT time! Every once in a while, I would say in disbelief, "Hey, we're kayaking in Honduras!" "Hey, I'm scuba diving in Honduras!" "Hey, we're hiking in Honduras!" And I know many people have been to Honduras, but it's just a place I never thought I'd visit. It's a beautiful place with lovely people, and I'm glad I went. I don't miss so much las cucarachas, but I do miss the weather and leisure.

Business first, here's me in front of the hospital where the clinic was. I think I'd prefer not to get sick in Honduras.

Here's the beach that was right in front of the apartment. Pretty sweet, right? The water was bath-water warm. And that boat took us to beautiful dive sites a few hundred yards offshore. FYI: We dove the world's 2nd largest living coral reef in the world!

Here's me after my first dive!

Visiting other countries is always a little (and sometimes a lot) humbling. I'm glad to be home, and yet I'm lucky to have had this experience.

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