Saturday, November 04, 2006


Today is my first blog, are you proud?

Are you ready to find out all the things I've been up to? The products of my manic homemaking moments? Well, sit back, tune in frequently, and you'll see just what I've been up to...

Here's my most recent craft, from the Denyse Schmidt Quilts book.

A few months ago, my car was broken into, and all the contents of my glove box and trunk were stolen, including my ipod, gym bag, swim gear, and most importantly, a nearly complete queen-size Denyse Schmidt quilt I had worked very hard on. So, this little oven mitt is me "getting back on" that quilting horse. Baby steps, Sara.

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Tracy said...

Bummer Sara, didn't know about the car theft. You da best baby; love da blog. Must try the Hungarian cheesecake soon as I'm Hungarian and it sounds familiar...something from my past. I'll ask my mom.