Friday, November 10, 2006

Have a Kosher Day

I made spicy dill pickles!! (that is, of course, because I had nothing better to do) Or maye I should call them "A Yitto Bit 'Picy Pickles," in honor of Malia, my niece...

I was inspired by a cucumber liquidation at the Marin farmer's market (which rules, by the way). I used an easy, no-cook recipe from that got rave reviews from users. They turned out delicious! The ones I cut in 1/2 were tastier than those I left whole. I think I'll need to let the whole pickles marinate a yitto bit longer.

I think you could probably just shove cucumbers into any old pickle juice... Try it!

And thank you my great friend, Jenelle, for supplying me with this fabulous vintage jar! Can you even stand how cute it is??

Next up is my pickled green beans... to garnish bloody marys with - yummmmmm.

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