Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crafty Niece

My niece, Malia, is growing up so fast!  And it warms my heart that she is becoming a very crafty girl.  I wish I could take credit, but my sister (her mom) is pretty creative herself!  Take this cutest little key holder, for instance:

Adorable, no? My sister orchestrated this activity for Malia's Campfire Girls troop's Father's Day gifts (yes, way back in June) and I think they turned out awesome!! Malia chose a bicycle because her dad is a big-time cyclist - smart girl.

I have made these in the past with colored (and non-colored) wire in the shape of a heart, star, or the Golden Gate Bridge, but I think the colored twine gives it a much bolder appearance.

Seriously people, you could hammer (pun intended) one of these out in less than an hour.  So easy, so cute, so functional.  Christmas ideas??

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Kate said...

so cuuuuuute! Good job, Malia :)