Thursday, May 05, 2011

Turning 6!

My favorite (and only, but nevermind) nephew in the whole wide world is turning six! That requires, like, 2 hands to indicate your age! So old - I can't even believe it!

Look at this guy! Could you just eat him up?

He is kind and smart and funny and will do just about anything for Legos.... and he pretends to love me in order to play Angry Birds on my iPhone. He's just his own little self and I just think he's the greatest!

I bought this book for him when he was just a little baby. I'm so excited to finally give it to him! It will teach him all the really important "boy" things like how to tie knots, identify insects, make paper airplanes, and play chess. (Yay! for rad photos...ugh)

And bless his little heart, almost every time I see him, he's wearing his birthday shirts. So, of course I made him another!

And don't tell, but I used one of D's old flannel shirts he had in the Goodwill pile. I just thought it was so manly & perfect! Don't worry, you will see more projects made with this fabric...I'm thinkin' manly patchwork baby quilt?

Happy Birthday, Makaio!!

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Kate said...

Aww I love this so much. How sweet that he wears his birthday shirts on a regular basis. He is going to be a heartbreaker, btw.