Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lemonade Quilt Complete

Here is the finished product, and me gusta mucho!

I big-zig-zagged all the seams, as an experiment. And while I like the way it looks on top, it looks even way cooler on the back against the charcoal linen.

Speaking of which...I used the lightweight linen on the back as an experiment also. Peapod was closed all week, so I had no choice (well, ok) but to use what I had on hand, and the linen was the only thing I had that was wide enough and that "worked" for me and this quilt. It would have been the perfect size, except for the large rectangular chunk I cut out of it for another project. No problemo - and so the birth of this patchy little surprise on the back. In fact, it would have looked lame without it - so everything's worked out in the end.

I've busted some stash, kept myself busy, maybe made some wedding decor (who knows?), and I'm feelin' satisfied.

Now I need a real lemonade.


mamacita said...

Come on down.. I just made some.

Anonymous said...

I have a little surprise for you. I hope you like it:

Fourth Breakfast